Product Information

What is Pro Concept Gear (PCG)?

Pro Concept Gear is a patented fusion of sportswear, fashion and technology. PCG was created by athletes, for athletes, and those of you that live an active lifestyle, but still want direct access to your phone, MP3, and other personal belongings. Whether you don’t want to hear anything but a heavy bass or you are waiting on a call, PCG has you covered


  • Protective Backing

    will protect the device from sweat, and the wearer from heat from the device

  • Clear Vinyl

    allows complete interactivity to device

  • Neoprene Molding

    will secure device in place and help keep moisture out

  • Reinforced

    die cut heat pressed hole allows wired headphone cord safely inside PCG Sportswear, keeping cords free from entanglement

  • Die Cut Hole

    opening keeps moisture out while allowing headphones cord to come out below top seal line

What is Smart Pocket?

The Smart Pocket is the first of its kind; it is a cool, comfortable and convenient place for your phone. Our pocket is strategically located on our compression gear for durability, comfort and easy access to your device.

Why is Pro Concept Gear the Answer?

PCG is a wearable technology in the compression apparel marketplace. PCG’s performance pocket is designed for anything from a Spartan Race to a trip to the grocery store. The transparent storage pocket can be used to hold your mobile phone, MP3, keys, and cards. The pocket is strategically placed to give the user complete access to their device while simultaneously being unobtrusive. The mobile pocket is made from our patented SmarTekompression technology, which compresses the device to your body, thus eliminating unwanted movement. PCG is extremely durable, and made from high-quality materials.